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Emergency Lighting

We install, service and maintain emergency lighting in accordance with the current British Standards.

During an incident such as a fire or a storm, the usual power supply may cut out in your building. As the power to the lighting goes out, this could leave the building in darkness which could endanger the occupants. Emergency lighting is designed to come on automatically when the power cuts out and provides battery powered back-up lighting during this period. This helps to avoid panic and helps people to leave the building quickly and calmly.

Emergency Lighting Installation

During building works you may be able to get your emergency lights installed by the electrical installer on the job. If your emergency lights have already been installed, we can check that what you have meets the standards set in BS 5266. There are many things for us to consider during this check, see below some examples of what we are looking for.

Emergency lighting installation and testing
Test of Emergency Lighting

Testing of Emergency Lighting

Whilst you as the building occupier should carry out a quick monthly check on the emergency lights, we the contractor can complete the annual full duration test for you. This involves us testing your emergency lights for their full designed duration, which can be up to three hours.

There are considerations as to when this test should be carried out. For example, if there is a power cut and the emergency light batteries have been drained during the maintenance this could put the occupants at risk. It is also good to see the emergency lights on during darkness to see if they provide the adequate light.

We will work with you to arrange good conditions for emergency light testing. This test can also be tied in with your fire alarm servicing which can save on costs.

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