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Fire Door Inspection

Fire doors make up a fundamental part of a property’s fire strategy, and without them, a fire has the potential to spread exponentially.

At Tactical Fire Protection we carry out high-quality fire door inspections to ensure fire doors are correctly installed and maintained to stop the spread of fire, contain smoke, providing more time to escape.

What We Do

Our fire door inspections are conducted by a certified fire safety technician. They will ensure that the fire doors, door frames and hardware are all fit for purpose. They will also provide a report detailing which doors are compliant and which doors require further action.

Fire door inspection

Why carry out a fire door inspection?

As of the 23rd of January 2023, it is now a legal requirement for the Responsible Person for multi-occupied buildings over 11 metres to:

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states the ‘Responsible Person’ must also ensure that all fire doors and frames are correctly installed in a non-domestic building to effectively prevent the spread of fire.

How often should an inspection take place?

Six-monthly fire door inspections are recommended by BS 9999 in addition to the monthly inspection checks outlined within the government guidance documentation.

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