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Fire Alarm Installation and Repair

A correctly maintained Fire Alarm system can save lives, not to mention your business.

It gives you those extra vital seconds to react to a potentially dangerous situation.

Fire Alarm Installation

Tactical Fire Protection install high quality fire alarm systems in all types of premises. We have the expertise to tell you which type of system current legislation requires you to have.  That could be a simple manual conventional system right through to an L1 Addressable system, either way we have you covered. Once installed we will show you how to use the control panel and hand over your fire alarm certification.

Fire safety consultancy
Fire alarm installation and maintenance.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

We can also maintain your fire alarm system in line BS 5839-1. We will get in touch each time your maintenance is due and arrange an appropriate date and time to attend (as it may be noisy!) The standards recommend the system has a service at least every 6 months and that all of the systems devices are tested within the year.

Fire Alarm systems do sometimes get faults for one reason or another and we can investigate this for you. No one wants to a listen to a beeping panel or to worry that their system may not be fully functioning. False alarms can cause lost time and complacency so getting your system up and running as soon as possible will be our number one priority.

Fire Alarm Callout

You can ask us about fire alarm callouts on 01327 368940.

We work on all types of system so if you are looking for a fire alarm company then call us to set up a meeting and you can see if we might be a good fit.

Fire safety courses

Fire Alarm Tip

You should activate your fire alarm weekly to see if the system is operating correctly and keep a record of these weekly tests.

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Areas Covered

Based in Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Worcestershire we offer a comprehensive fire safety consultancy services covering all aspects of fire safety for businesses, schools, hospitals, government buildings and more in the following areas:

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